Elections FAQs


Who can run for an Elected Officer position?
Does it matter if I am a first year or a final year student?
I am an international student, can I still run?
Where is the role based?
When does the role start?
What experience do I need?
Is the role 9-5?
Can I tell people I have nominated myself?
Can you run for multiple roles?
What is a campaign?
What is the Union Council?
What is the Accountability Board?
What does the President do?
What does VP Education do?
What does VP Wellbeing and Diversity do?
What does VP Activities do?


Who Can Vote In Union Elections?
What Am I Voting For?
So Why Should I Vote?
How Do I Know Who To Vote For?
What If I Don’t Like Any Of The Candidates?
So Do I Only Get One Vote?
What Are My Rights As A Voter?
Can I Report Candidate Misconduct?
Sounds Great - How Do I Vote?