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Important information for students regarding the recent COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic and how we are returning

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Latest updates from UPSU and the Universtiy

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SU Building
Closed - Reopening Soon!

The main SU venue will be reopening on 1st September, between 9am & 5pm weekdays. From 14th Sept, this will change to 9am-11pm weekdays, 12pm-11pm weekends.

Our food and bar services will be reopening on 14th September, between 11am & 11pm.

Costa will be reopening 5th October

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SU Gym
Closed - Reopening Soon!

The SU Gym will be reopening on 1st Sept. Opening times will be 8am-8pm, then from Sept 14th, 7am-10pm

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SU Shop
Closed - Reopening Soon!

The SU shop will be reopening on 1st Sept. Opening times will be 9am-4pm, then from Sept 14th, 8:30am-6pm

SU Advice Centre
Service has been moved online

Your SU Advice team are working hard to provide students with support and guidance remotely.

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Accessing Advice

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Your Questions Answered


Where can I find information from the University?
I am a student who is currently interrupted from study, looking to return soon. What should I do?
I am receving a lot of emails/texts from my bank/Government services/online shopping etc. They often have links and requests for me to confirm my details. Are they genuine?
I am feeling quite anxious and stressed and this is affecting my mental health. What can I do?
I am an international student who cannot currently return home. I have no money left to support myself and my tenancy ends soon and I will have nowhere to live. What help can I get?
I am supposed to be starting university in September. Is there any point in me going this year or shall I defer until next year?
I am experiencing domestic abuse. How can I access support?


I’m very worried, or I have experienced bullying or abuse related to coronavirus. Who can I talk to?
Am I still able to access the University Wellbeing services?
Can I still get support from the SU Advice Centre?
I am worried about my mental health during this time. What advice do you have for me?
I have lost someone close to me due to COVID 19. Where can I access support?

How Can I Help

Is there somewhere I can offer support to others?

NHS Students

Is there any other financial help available for nurses and health professionals?


What do I do if I'm facing difficulties with paying gas and electric bills?
What happens about my council tax?
I'm struggling to pay my mortgage due to loss of work. Is there any help available?
My rent includes payment for utilities like gas and electricity. Can I request a refund of this element of rent even if my landlord requires me to pay rent until the end of my tenancy?
I have left my belongings in my student room but what happens if I am not able to travel back to Plymouth to collect them at the end of my tenancy?
My landlord/letting agency is refusing to release me from my tenancy even though I am no longer living in the property. Can I withold my remaining rent?
Can I get out of my tenancy agreement on the basis of "frustration"?
My landlord wants to end my tenancy early to accommodate family members in property. Can they do this?
Can my landlord make a claim in the Small Claims Court if I don't pay my rent?
My landlord wants to carry out my regular monthly property inspection, but I feel this is an unnecessary risk. Do I have to let it go ahead?
My letting agent is refusing to give me the contact details for my landlord due to GDPR. Can they they do this?
My landlord is threatening legal action, saying i will be evicted for not paying my rent. Can he do this

Student Finance & Money

Will I get the "Living at Home" rate of Student Finance next term if I am not living in my student house?
Should I apply to SFE for funding for 20/21 now?
I’m really worried about my finances - what options are available?
I have absolutely no food and no money? Is there any help I can get?
Can I claim any benefits to help me during the coronavirus outbreak?
I have lost my job and have no additional income to support me. What can I do?
Is there any charitable funding available for people struggling financially?
I am experiencing severe financial hardship as a direct result of Covid-19. Is there any financial support available through the University?
I receive a low amount of student finance due to household income based on the 2017 to 2018 tax year. However, due to Covid-19 household income has dropped considerably this year and I am struggling financially. Is there anything I can do?
I've been relying on finance from my parents to support me but the Covid-19 crisis means they cannot continue to support me financially. What options do I have?
Can university students get their tuition fee refunded for disruptions to teaching because of Covid-19?
I will be a new student in 20/21. Where can I find up to date guidance on the application process for SFE funding in the current pandemic?
I will be returning to study in 20/21. Where can I find up to date guidance on applying for my SFE funding in the current pandemic?
I was expecting to do an Erasmus exchange in 20/21. Will I still get Erasmus funding?
As a PG Research student, what will be the imact on my stipend due to interruptions/delays caused by Covid-19?

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