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NHS funding changed in 2018/19. New students applying for courses related to Nursing, Midwifery and Allied Health Professionals, are no longer entitled to NHS funding, please be aware that the NHSBSA are also no longer producing updated information for this type of funding.

NHS Funding for continuing Nurses, Midwives and Health Professionals pre 2018-2019  


N.B. This funding is not available to Social Work students.

You will need to apply to both the NHS Student Bursaries team and Student Finance England to ensure that you receive all of the funding you are entitled to.

Non-means assessed Grant

This is a £1000 grant that is payable to all eligible full time students for each year of your course.


Means Tested Bursary

The amount you receive will be based on your household income and is paid monthly.  If you were living in the parental home before coming to University then your bursary will be dependent on the income of that household.  If you were not living in the parental home prior to studying then you may fit the definition of an independent student, and would therefore be assessed on your own income.  Details of who counts as an independent student can be found on page 31 of the NHSBSA website.

Maximum amounts

Started course since September 2012 = £2643
Started course after September 2007 but before September 2012 = £2958
Started Course before September 2007 = £2630

Each year at Plymouth you will get an additional amount of weeks at £84 per week for 22 weeks this is a maximum of £1848 per year


Tuition Fees


The NHS will pay your tuition fees directly to the University each year.  However, please note that Plymouth University does not allow tuition fees to be paid for repeat years where there were no valid extenuating circumstances in place.


Additional Allowances

These include Dependants Allowance; Parents Learning Allowance; Childcare Allowance; Practice Placement Costs and Disabled Students Allowance most of which are means tested.

For further information on the above allowances, and other elements of NHS funding please look at the “Continuing Students Booklet 2017/2018” – NHSBSA have not produced a further booklet for this academic year.



Reduced Rate Student Loan from Student Finance England (SFE)

You will need to apply to Student Finance England directly for this funding, complete the form but then tick yes in the section that asks whether you are in receipt of an NHS bursary.  You may receive up to £2485 (20/21) increasing to £2534 (21/22).


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