How to get involved in the NUS

If you would like to get involved in any of the work that the NUS are doing, then please feel free to contact the Executive Officers. The Officers are supported by the NUS with training, resources and advice throughout their term of office, so they will be able to help you with any national or local campaigns that you might want to run in conjunction with the NUS.
You can also get in touch with one of our elected Forum Chairs who lead student groups that join people with the same interests together or work on specific issues and campaigns.  Better still, why not attend one of the Forums yourself and get involved! 
As well as this, you could nominate yourself to become a UPSU delegate for the annual NUS National Conference, in order to have your say on their future leaders and priority campaigns for the forthcoming year.  Email the Student Voice team to find out more -!

National Conference
Each year over 1000 students from students’ unions across the UK meet to decide who will lead NUS and what campaigns they will work on for the forthcoming year, they also debate and agree national policy. NUS conference is the highest decision making body in the NUS and is attended by over 1,200 delegates from every affiliated Students' Union in the country.

As UPSU affiliate to NUS we are entitled to send 9 delegates to the NUS Annual Conference 2015 which will be held 21st-23rd April.We can send one delegate in an ex officio capacity, that is 'by virtue of their position', this year the ex officio delegate is our President, Sarah Bowman. If you are interested in attending the annual NUS National Conference, please visit the Student Voice office on the first floor of the Students' Union or drop us an email -!

Are you unable to attend the conference but would still like to get involved in influencing national policy? Then there’s still an opportunity for you!  Every student from an affiliated students’ union is entitled to submit motions (ideas) for discussion and debate at the conference.  So, if you have an idea for a motion then please let the Student Voice team know and we can help you submit a one in time for the deadline, or you can raise your idea through one of the student Forums.

Find out what motions were passed at the 2014 NUS National Conference here.  You can also catch up with the speeches and election results at the NUS Annual Conference Hub.


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