NUS Conference

Each year over 1000 students from students’ unions across the UK meet to decide who will lead NUS and what campaigns they will work on for the forthcoming year, they also debate and agree national policy. NUS National Conference is the highest decision making body in the NUS and is attended by over 1,200 delegates from every affiliated Students' Union in the country.

As UPSU affiliate to NUS we are entitled to send 8 delegates to the NUS Annual Conference. This is a cross campus ballot where the student body decides who to send to the conference to represent Plymouth students on a national level. 

Find out more about the conference here

At the conference, the delegates will have 3 different roles to partake in:

1. Vote on Motions
Students from all over the country have the chance to submit motions (ideas) that will get discussed at the conference. It is up to our delegates to represent the students at Plymouth University to vote for or against these motions. If the majority of delegates present at the conference vote to pass a motion, it will become NUS policy.

2. Vote in Elections
During the National Conference, the future leaders of NUS are elected. This includes the president, Vice Presidents, trustees and other important roles. We will be running a poll on the election candidates so you can tell our delegates how you would like them to vote. They can then take your opinions into account when making this important choice.

3. Vote on Reports
NUS present various reports during the conference. These include reports from the elected leaders and reports on their finances and estimates for the following year. Delegates at the conference can vote whether to approve these reports or not.

Then of course, delegates could get involved in any of the debates that take place, and give Plymouth a national voice!

Submitting a motion for national conference:
Any Plymouth University student can submit a motion (idea) to the annual NUS National Conference.  If you have any ideas that you would like to submit, then please get in touch with the Student Voice team –
The deadline for submitting a motion to this year’s conference has already passed and Plymouth have submitted 3 different motions!.  All motions have been approved by the Union Executive Committee (UEC) before submission. Click the links below to see the motions we have submitted!

Motion for a nationwide annual salary cap for Vice-Chancellors.
Motion for Higher Education institutions to become guarantors for students in need
Motion for the "Coming of Digital Age"


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