Students all have different interests and different things they want to change about the world, and you should be able to.

In order for UPSU to be able to support these fantastic ideas, we run a variety of Student Forums that bring like-minded people together to discuss similar issues and work together to achieve great things for Plymouth students!

Each Forum is run by students for students, with some staff support to offer advice and guidance. All of the Forums are open for anyone to go along to and take part in discussions, however there are 4 "Liberation Forums", that you would need to identify as a member of that group to vote in Forum decisions. Forums typically meet on a monthly basis but groups working on specific projects can meet more regularly to pursue ideas. The chair for each of the Forums are invited to attend and take part in the Union Council which votes on key issues affecting the student body.

Whether you want to get really involved by bringing something to be discussed, or you just want to come along to hear what other people are saying about issues that you care about, everyone is welcome! Just click on any of the forums below to find out more!