Executive Officer Pages

In March every year, six officers are elected by the students to be their representatives, with the aim for our SU to be run by our students for our students. Any students can apply to become executive officers. Officers may take a year out between their studies or take up the position at the end of their degree. As UPSU is a not-for-profit charity, the officers also sit as trustees of the students union.

Each officer has a particular area in which they focus, although they often work together on bigger campaigns and issues such as ‘Know The Line’. This 2016/17 academic year, the following officers have been elected (as pictured, from left to right):

  • Philippa Williams- VP Sport
  • Jess Vagg- VP Activities
  • Lowri Jones- President
  • Chloe Mills- VP Welfare
  • Steph Wearne- VP Education and Deputy President
  • Davide Bertelli- VP International and Outreach

Where to find us

The officer team are based in the Exec Office located within the Hive, SU. Please feel free to pop-in or email any of them (please see emails on their personal pages).

Facebook page:

Executive Officers