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Safety on Nights Out

All members of our community should be able to go out and enjoy their night without fear for their safety.


As a Students’ Union, we are receiving an increase in reports about concern for safety on nights out in Plymouth.

We have listened to your feedback and concerns and, as a Sabbatical Officer team, we are launching a campaign to address student safety within the city as well as to educate students about measures they can take to look after themselves on nights out.

We will do this in collaboration with Plymouth College of Art and Marjon SU as well as working with the police to protect our community.

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Campaign updates:

28th October 2021: Sabbatical Officer Team Meeting

28th October 2021: Meeting with the Devon and Cornwall Police and Best Bar None

22nd October 2021: Steps we’re taking as a venue to prioritise your safety

21st October 2021: Increased Reports of Spiking in Nightclubs across Plymouth

18th October 2021: Initial meeting