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This is the place to find out all about the club and what we do. Whether you are a total beginner, ride for fun, compete at all levels or just want to make a fantastic network of friends then the University of Plymouth Riding and Polo Club has something to offer for you; girls and boys alike!

We are dedicated to providing all students with the opportunity to go horse riding, and whether you are a highly skilled rider, focused on improving your current skills, or simply wish to try out something new and exhilarating, then this is the place to come.

Even better, you don’t even have to worry about owning your own horse!

We have competitive teams who train weekly and compete nationally, and unlimited lessons squads for those who have no intention of riding competitively!


We have lots of socials, including themed and non themed nights. We are having a variety of socials this year so everyone across the whole club both riding and polo can get to know each other.

We also have non-drinking socials, such as trips to Exeter Races, Christmas gymkhana, Beach rides and loads more!

We want to make sure we provide what YOU want - any and all ideas are welcome!


For those who would like to try out for teams, we have trials in the first few weeks of term (dates and information at bottom of this page). From this, we develop teams, who commit to weekly training at St Leonards. These teams then go onto compete in dressage and showjumping against other universities in the BUCS league. We also have a friendlies team which provides the opportunity in a friendly environment with your own team to have a go at competing!

For those who have never ridden, or just want to ride for fun, w
e have lessons squads. The squads are grouped on ability at our Lesson Taster day during the first few weeks of term (dates and information at bottom of this page). So if you didnt get on a team or even dont fancy the idea of competing just yet this could also be the option for you.

PLEASE NOTE - unfortunately, if you sign up to the club after we have held trials, you will not be able to ride for a team, although we will place you in an appropriate level squad!.


Upcoming important dates: 

25th September 2019 - Committee meet and greet, 6pm-9pm in the SU.

Come and meet our current committee in a chilled environment, ask us anything about the club or just come for a general chat! Everyone is welcome.

6th October 2019 - Polo taster day, full day event starting at 11am, Dorset Polo Club, Dorset.

If you already play polo or just want to try polo, keep this date in you're diary. To start off the day we are having a lesson taster, which is followed by chukka, if you require transport we have a limited number of transport available, this is a first come first serve basis, fuel money for this day is £8 and must be payed on the day

9th October 2019 - BUCS and lesson trials, full day event starting at 10am, St Leonards, Launceston. 

If you want to try out horse riding, want to continue riding, improve you're riding or want to represent the university against other universities competing across the country, then put this date in you're diary. To start the day off we are holding our BUCS trials where you will ride on the flat and over a course of jumps, to have the chance to be put into a team and compete for the university. Once we have finished this part of the day we will have lunch, which is included on the day but you will need to bring you're own drink. After lunch we will be holding our lessons trials where we will watch you ride and put you in appropriate lessons groups for you're level of riding. If you require transport we have a limited number of transport available, this is a first come first serve basis, fuel money for this day is £3 and must be payed on the day.

To be able to attend the polo taster day and or the BUCS and lessons trial day, you will have to become a member of the club or you will not be able to ride, this is down to insurance. Once you have payed to be a member go to our products page and purchase which days and activities you want to participate in.

3rd November 2019 - Fun haloween horse and dog show (time TBC) St Leonards, Launceston.

We are holding a fun horse and dog show at St Leonards thats haloween theme, everyone is welcome if they are a club member or not. Club members can take part in this show even if they dont have a horse, you can borrow one from the yard! Our show schedual is yet TBC.

20th November 2019 - Paint balling (time TBC) St Leonards, Launceston.

We want everyone from the club to be involved whether you are a polo member or riding member, we want to feel like a family and can start doing that with some team building paint balling! To take part please purchase through our products page (yet to be on sale).

4th December 2019 - Club christmas meal, 8pm at the Rising Sun Inn, Launceston.

Before the end of the year we are holding our christmas dinner to all get together and celebrate before the holidays. We hope as many of our members will be able to join us, meals will be pre-orderd and payed for before the christmas meal (dates for pre-orderd meals TBC).

5th Febuary 2020 - Club interteams competition (time TBC) St Leonards, Launceston.

Open to all club members we will be holding our interteams competition, this consists of getting into teams on the day, doing a dressage test and a round of showjumps. This is a chance to see what its like being part of a team in a chilled out environment. If you didn't manage to get onto a BUCS team this year or just wanted to do lessons, this is also a good chance to see how the BUCS competitions work. 

11th March 2020 - Club gymkhana (time TBC) St Leonards, Launceston.

Open to all club members we will be holding a gymkhana to have fun day out, enjoy a day of games on horse back and just have a laugh!

In the mean time check out our social media!


Twitter:    twitter.com/uprpc

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2217445048

instagram: https://www.instagram.com/upsuridingandpolo/

Website:   http://www.universityofplymouthridingandpolo.weebly.com/