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Nomination period open: Monday 1st February - Midday Wednesday 22nd March 2017

Awards night: Wednesday 10th May 2017

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Each year UPSU hold the Sports Awards ceremony. These awards recognise the outstanding dedication and/or achievement through sport whether that be through a Club, team or on an individual basis

The Sports awards have grown year on year into a really special event for students at Plymouth University. They give an opportunity to celebrate success and showcase what you do over the year

Half Colours
Awarded to students for their continual dedication and involvement through sport at university whether it be as team captain, committee position held, coaching, umpiring, driving or as a volunteer.
  • Awarded to students for their continual dedication and involvement through sport at university whether it be as team captain, committee position held, coaching, umpiring, driving or as a volunteer etc. OR
  • Having been an outstanding team captain/coach leading team to promotion/cup final etc. OR
  • Having held a committee position or volunteer role but done over and above what was required of the post. OR
  • An individual who has made huge contribution to sport through driving, umpiring, instructing, fundraising etc.
  • Each SU Sports Club is limited to nominate 6 individuals for half colours.
Full Colours
Only awarded to students who already hold Half Colours except in exceptional circumstances .
  • Exceptional circumstances: Winning an International/National Competition; winning a BUCS competition/representing their sport at a national/international level
  • Can be awarded to students, who already hold Half Colours, if they have shown continued outstanding dedication and have made an exceptional contribution to sport during their years at university whilst also demonstrating commitment to the students’ union and/or student sport.
  • Each SU Sports Club is limited to nominate 6 individuals for full colours.
Outstanding Performance
Winning as either a team or individually - awarded purely on outstanding performance in sport.
  • Winning Medals
  • League Position
  • BUCS Points
  • Representing sport on a National Level
  • Sporting Moment
Sport in the Community
Being involved and having an impact within the community.
  • Positivity within community
  • Volunteering
  • Charity fundraising
  • Engaging in the community
  • Coaching in the community
Most improved UPSU Sports Club
Professionally run club demonstrating effective team work resulting in improved performance either through promotion in local league/BUCS or increased engagement with UPSU.
  • Team work/Hard work
  • Promotion in local league/Bucs
  • Performance improvement
  • Professionally ran/attitude during the year
Sports Person of the Year
For an individual demonstrating a positive attitude and leadership skills who could also be competing or representing at a national/international level.
  • Individual with good attitude
  • Leadership – managing to push a team to a major event or putting extensive time and commitment to a sports club and/or UPSU sport
  • Competing or representing at National/international level
  • Motivated, committed, positive attitude, team player, commitment to their sport
UPSU Sports Club of the Year
An outstanding performance, being involved in Volunteering and the community, raising money and having an overall positive impact on student experience.
  • Outstanding performance
  • Volunteering and community involvement
  • Fundraising
  • Positive publicity/raising awareness
Sports Personality
For an individual who stands out from others who has a good spirit and a really positive attitude towards sport and UPSU.
  • Good Spirit
  • Positive attitude towards sport and UPSU
  • Stands out from other individuals (could be non-competitive)
  • Unique sports person
  • Always thinking of others
Team of the Year
Focused around team performance and/or winning an event can include BUCS points, medals, promotion in a league or raising the profile of a club or sport
  • Is focussed around team performance, winning an event,
  • BUCS points, medals, Promotion in a league, raising the profile of a club or team,
  • Positive values, outstanding contribution to UPSU
Social Sport Champion
For a team or individual demonstrating achievement in Intramural leagues/tournament, volunteering to support social sport activity, increasing/sustaining participation.
  • Awarded to a team or individual for:
  • Achievement in Intramural leagues/tournament
  • Volunteering to support activity
  • Increasing/sustaining participation
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"Goes well above what's expected of him within the club"


‘ …….. has been our Club Captain this year, which is an honorary position, voted for by the members. In this role she has been approachable and encouraging to players of all abilities. Her previous position within the committee, as 2XI captain, was also very successful. Her team performed exceptionally well under her leadership. She will be greatly missed by the club’


‘Outstanding enthusiasm and motivation for getting new students into Sailing.’


‘……has been taken up a key role when organising our annual show. She is already on the way to raising a few hundred pounds for the meningitis Research Foundation, through the sales of tickets. …….organised the whole running order and has contacted many clubs and dancers to perform. Also as health and safety officer she is always at every dance class making sure everyone is safe.’


"….. as President of the Trampoline club this year has undertaken not only her role but the roles of many others for continued periods of time throughout the year, going significantly above the level required. She has also taken on and successfully introduced the aspect of GymFit to the university whilst also balancing a full time medical degree involving substantial placements and extensive work outside of the course. She has put in consistent performances in both the Southern Universities Trampoline League and in BUCs despite having to often singlehandedly drive over 6 hours. She has voluntarily completed a judging course passing with extremely high marks and without her and others completing these we would not be able to compete. She also gave up her time and training to coach voluntarily to a high standard for a period of the year when the club struggled with coaches due to illness. She has given a high level of personal support to a number of athletes this year, demonstrating confidentiality in the appropriate places but also referring to external support when necessary. The club and it’s athletes would have suffered greatly without her this year, and I believe she deserves recognition for the hard work she has put in, both this year and with regards to last year in her position as competition secretary."


‘The reason for this nomination is because ………. has made a massive commitment to the Tennis club this year, he arranges as many social events, charity events and club events. He is always around and an easy member of the committee to contact and talk to as he makes as many club appearances as he can to show what they club means to him. I have only known him for this year and it has been an honour he is very friendly and approachable and always trying to get new members for the club, he will always try and makes everyone at the club fit in well and have everyone playing their roles.’


‘Over the last year, the University of Plymouth Club A has increased its commitment to volunteering and raising money for charity. Club A have hosted charity tournaments, getting other sports clubs involved in ……, including a fancy dress inter-society tournament in December that raised £100 for East African Playgrounds. On multiple occasions, Club A have provided equipment and referees for tournaments ran by other university organisations, including two interhalls tournaments ran as part of the MGA with Joeseph Brearley. The Club A also assisted with the MGA’s Pride Sports Festival …….. tournament as part of Matt Dark’s ‘No Homophobia in Sport’ campaign. Club A were a key part of running an intramural charity tournament hosted by Johanne McAuley, organising and running the tournament. We also helped promoting participation through sport in a fun and friendly manner. We have also had a successful year socially, having hosted a large social to paintball. ClubA/status/670548009311145984?utm_source=fb&utm_medium=fb&utm_campaign= ClubA&utm_content=670548009311145984

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