Conservative Society

Plymouth University's Branch of the Youth Wing of the Conservative Party

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We are a group of Young Conservatives studying at Plymouth University, who want to meet like minded individuals in a social setting that accommodates a wide range of political interests.


We are going to be bringing in speakers on a range of topics, including Government Ministers, MPs, MEPs, Influential Persons, and Journalists/Commentators.

For members going to Conservative Party Conference, we will hopefully be able to coordinate car/room shares and maybe a fringe event!

Pints and Policy

We host monthly events where we have one topic, and usually a guest speaker, who aids the discussion and debate over a pint and some food.


We will be holding regular socials such as Student Nights, Meals, Movie Nights, and other Trips and Events depending on what interests our members.


Through Conservative Policy Forum, members will be invited to meetings based around current issues where we will look at data, discuss our views on them, and answer questions that members of the Government want to hear our opinions on. This data is then collated and sent to CCHQ to influence Government Policy.



We have a Facebook Discussion Group members are welcome to join. We share news articles to debate and discuss current affairs, as well as wider philosophical questions to expand mindset and give new ways of looking at the world.



We get involved in a variety of volunteering opportunities that we take part in as a group. We do a wide range of activities so there should be something for everyone


Please Note: Joining this society does not make you a member of the Conservative Party, nor do you need to be a member to sign up.