Marine Science

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Hello and welcome!

We are the Marine Science Society or MSS for short. We are a society based around the three marine science courses so we try our best to offer opportunities for oceanography, hydrography and conservation students alike. We hold the MCS responsibility of cleaning both mount batten beach and jenycliff beach and as such we host a beach clean every month and typically get relatively large turnouts, so looking forward to seeing you there! Amongst other things we are attempting a bi-monthly clean up scuba dive, where we attempt to clean up some of the ocean litter to help reduce the impacts of ocean waste on the environment. If you're interested feel free to come along. There are frequently held socials and events giving you an excuse to get out, drink and meet some more of the people on the course that you may not have had a chance to yet. We also host trips to important annual events such as oceanology international and are open to suggestions around organising trips to specific events should we get enough interest, so feel free to let us know if you have any ideas.


Feel free to join our Facebook page at: Where we post all our events and news! Hope to see you at one of your events!

Marine Science Society


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