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Are you one of the 5,000 students studying for a Plymouth University degree at one of our Partner Institutions? Welcome, you are now part of one of the UK’s largest and longest established academic partnerships.

UPSU is proud to work alongside a wide range of regional Partner Institutions, Plymouth University and you, the student body, to ensure that you are getting the most out of your Higher Education experience.

Whilst you are primarily at university to study, we also appreciate the importance of making and sharing experiences that last a lifetime. UPSU provide fantastic opportunities to expand your CV, actively engage with local and national student politics, join societies and sports teams, volunteer and raise money for local charities and campaign for change at your institution and Plymouth University to name a few.

To help achieve your full potential we have a dedicated outreach team, here to represent you, support and guide you through the year:

Hadiza Adah

Hadiza is responsible for representing your views and improving your student experience. By sitting on boards and committees both at UPSU and Plymouth University, Hadiza is able to ensure that the voices of our partner students are heard at the highest possible level.

Alec and Gemma

Alec and Gemma are on hand to train and support all of our Partner Institution Course Representatives as well as the Lead Student Representatives. By regularly visiting our partners, Alec and Gemma are around to keep students up to date with engagement opportunities and sign post services. If you want to know what UPSU can do for you, get in touch.