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Looking for a stable career? Get Into Teaching

Looking for a stable career? Get Into Teaching

If you’ve not considered a career in teaching before, now is the perfect time to see what it can offer you.

At the moment, we’re all searching for stability. In these challenging times, a job in teaching can give you that, because good teachers are always in demand. More than stability, teaching is also incredibly rewarding, allowing you to share your passions and leave a lasting impact on future generations. Teaching is more than just a job, each day you’ll be sharing your skills and helping to inspire inquisitive minds.

It offers a competitive starting salary and many avenues for career progression. Whether you want to work with a specific subject, look further at mentorship or take on a management role such as headteacher, all these paths are available for you. Along with these benefits, there are desirable pension packages and the long holidays.

Regardless of what degree you’re studying, you are able to apply for initial teacher training. Take your subject beyond your current degree by teaching it in the classroom, and inspire pupils to become the next outstanding scientist, mathematician, artist — and above all, person.

The Get Into Teaching website supports you from the get-go. With plenty of personal stories, advice articles and a live chat to get any answers you need, you can explore teaching without commitment. If you want to make the first move into starting teacher training, the Get Into Teaching service offers personal advisors, qualifications checks, help with school experience and advice on the financial support available to you.