An update from your Sabbatical Officers: Using the Library


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Hi everyone, it's your Sabbatical team. As you're returning to study after your Christmas break, and more of you are using the Library, we wanted to put out a reminder of the fact that you need to wear a mask in the Library. We understand that messaging from the Government is inconsistent, ever-changing and confusing. So we wanted to do a quick video to remind you as we know that for the students who are still in Plymouth, you will be and are using the Library.

It is a legal requirement for you to wear a face covering and abide by social distancing while using the Library for the entirety of your visits. And if you're not wearing one you'll be asked to leave the Library unless you're medically exempt. Because it's a legal requirement, if students are consistently found not to be wearing masks, they could face consequences under the Fitness to Practice review, or Code of Conduct. And if many students are found not to be wearing them, then the Library will have to revert to certain booking times, or close to ensure safety of students and staff.

The University is a part of the Sunflower Lanyard Scheme. So if you are a student who is medically exempt, you can show this by discretely wearing your lanyard while speaking to a member of staff. If you do see a student who is not wearing a face-covering or a lanyard, they may still be exempt and it's not your responsibility to pull them up on this. So if you are concerned about yours or anyone else's wellbeing or safety, you can talk to a member of staff.

We know how much you love the Library, because it's a safe, quiet and friendly environment to get your work done. And we need to keep it that way for all the students here at Plymouth and the staff that utilise it. Thank you.



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