Musical Theatre Groups' Cabaret: Never A Chance To Get Bored!

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At the end of final semester, Head of Print Seren Kiremitcioglu was invited to a Cabaret event hosted by Plymouth University's Musical Theatre Group. 

Heading to the illustrious Cabaret event, hosted by none other than MTG, I had no idea what I'd be getting myself into. I wasn't entirely sure what cabaret was, nor what MTG had to offer in terms of talent or enthusiasm. However, walking into the Illusion room at the SU, I was immersed by elegantly set tables, with fairy lights, balloons, confetti and feathers, which all served to provide an ambient atmosphere. Instantly, I was impressed. 

The night was hosted by a very lively and fantastically charismatic and haphazard host, Henry Hollis, who was dressed to boot with plenty of tongue in cheek jokes. Delivering introductions with a fast pace, there was never a chance to get bored. 

Over lively two-hour performance evening, there were simply far too many acts to review. However, there are definitely some that I haven't forgotten! 

At the start of the evening, Jonothan Whitmore blew my mind with his rendition of 'Bug Ball'; his performance oozed charisma, entailing hilarious dancing and facial expressions that kept the audience in fits of laughter. It was refreshing to see someone not take themselves so seriously in general; his natural stage presence kept the audience very well entertained, and he was definitely in my top 5 performances of the night. 

Likewise in entertainment factor was Louise Geller's performance of 'The Girl From 14G'; the song was performed with such theatrical clarity, that I felt instantly transported from the SU to the West End! With the song came lively narration, hilarious character and a multidimensional, purposefully haphazard performance. Louise was memorable for her truly wide range of vocals, from typical performative cabaret to impressive operatic tones which blew us all through the roof. 

Another of my favourite performances came from Steph Bradbury, who came to the stage with her rendition, Meadowlark. Wearing a blue, 50's style dress which I absolutely adored, Steph instantly captured my attention as she walked on stage. However, I was blown away even more so by her incredible vocals; her voice hit an impressive amount of notes in a flawless manner, with her style easily placing her in her own Disney film in time to come. 

Annabel Latham returned to the stage later that evening with a mission - to give a truly engaging performance. After a shaky debut on the stage, Annabel definitely hit it out of the park when she performed Popular; not only did she fill the room with her stage presence, but she acted alongside the song and made everyone laugh with her no-holds-barred performance. 

A big thanks must go to Samuel Dunn for inviting SU:Media to the event, and to everyone for hosting a magnificent evening. You can like and keep up to MTG over at their Facebook group: 

Seren Kiremitcioglu


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