Icons - Bronze

To achieve an ICONS Bronze you need to do the following: 


  • Achieve one objective from the Development Plan
  • Volunteer as a Club/Society (doesn’t matter how many hours, just give it a go!)
  • All trips/tours registered with the Union
  • Engagement with UPSU throughout the year. (Meeting with staff, execs etc.)
  • Raise £100 for charity
  • 100% attendance at UPSU committee training (Chairs, Safety officers, Treasurer, Secretary and Captains).
  • Demonstrate effective financial management (good use of budgets etc.)
  • Attend all the Icons recognised training sessions 





  • Affiliated to UPSU
  • Status considered when judging for Sports Awards and Societies and Activity Awards
  • Demonstrates to potential members your engagement within UPSU
  • Show potential members your engagement within UPSU
  • Raised profile with the University community and Plymouth community 
  • Driving your club forward for the future
  • Satisfied Members
  • Feeding into wider UPSU vision and goals
  • Icons award achieved advertised on club/society website