Higher Education Achievement Report

Update your SU HEAR activities

Your University experience is so much more than a degree, so make sure you take advantage of all the opportunities available to you. With your Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR) you can make sure that these activities are officially recorded and can go towards your future career.

Plymouth University present completing students with a HEAR as part of a national initiative which provides a new way of recording student achievement. It is intended to help students stand out from the crowd when seeking employment, by providing more details about your learning and achievements than the traditional degree classification system. This record is created from the moment our students start at Plymouth University and is viewable to most students throughout their studies..

Co-curricular activities that fall into this section are known as ‘HEAR recordable’ and are recorded into section ‘6.1’. If you do not want to be involved in HEAR, you can opt out in your portal below.

HEAR with Plymouth University HEAR website


  • Core Committee:
    • Chair / President
    • Treasurer
    • Secretary
    • Safety Officer
  • Awards:
    • Full Colours
    • Half Colours
    • Outstanding Contribution to Societies
    • Community Contribution Award 
    • Societies Person of the Year
    • Best Chair / President
    • Best Treasurer
    • Best Secretary
    • Best Safety Officer

Student Voice

  • Roles:
    • Course Representative
    • School Representative
    • Forum Chair
    • Union Executive Committee Chair
  • Awards:
    • Course Rep of the Year
    • Exceptional School Rep
    • Stand Out Forum Chair
    • Student Voice Gold Award

Raise and Give

  • Roles:
    • President
    • Vice President
    • Adventure Leader
    • Adventure Coordinator
    • Adventure Participants
    • Events Committee
  • Awards:
    • Charity Challenge Volunteer of the Year Award
    • Newcomer Award
    • Volunteer of the Year Award


  • Core Committee:
    • Chair / President
    • Treasurer
    • Secretary
    • Safety Officer
  • Awards:
    • Full Colours
    • Half Colours
    • Sports Woman / Man
    • Sports Personality of the Year
    • Contribution to Sport
    • Sports Charitable Award
    • Social Sport Champion
  • Roles:
    • Sports Volunteer


  • Hour Levels:
    • 50 Hours
    • 100 Hours
    • 200 Hours
  • Awards:
    • Full Colours
    • Half Colours
    • Outstanding Contribution Award
    • Dedication to Volunteering Award
    • Leadership Award
    • Student-led Volunteering- Champion Volunteer
    • Student-led Volunteering- Volunteer of the Year
    • Student-led Volunteering- Project Leader of the year
    • Award for Commitment
    • Award for Personal Advancement
    • Community Volunteer of the Year
  • Roles:
    • Student Led Volunteering Project Leader


  • Roles:
    • Individual of the Year Award
    • Project volunteers of the Year
  • Awards:
    • Activity Leader
    • Event Support Coordinator
    • Schools Volunteer

Duke of Edinburgh

  • Awards:
    • Bronze Award
    • Silver Award
    • Gold Award
    • Leader

Q: Where can I find more info from the Uni about HEAR at Plymouth University?

A: You can find all the info you need to know about HEAR from Plymouth University in the link below.

Plymouth University HEAR page

Q: When do I need to agree what will be in my HEAR from the SU?

A: The first deadline is Friday 27th May at 12pm. There will be a second update of the data shared with the Uni on Friday 3rd June at 12pm.

Q: Why isn’t any other activities included in the HEAR?

A: Currently we are only able to include the activities in the HEAR as they are verifiable by UPSU, this will be an expanding list and work is under way to include more. If you feel there is an activity you feel should be included in your HEAR in the future please email hear@upsu.com

Q: I did activities before the 2015-16 academic year can they be included?

A: Unfortunately as this is the first year of us introducing HEAR we are unable to offer activities retrospectively. For us to provide consistent input across all activities we provide we needed to start from this academic year. Your final HEAR will include all academic information for your whole time at University.

Q: I'm a University student ambassador and it isnt in my HEAR?

A: The University manages the ambassador scheme please contact the University in their HEAR section

Q: I've held a club or society committee position and it isnt in my HEAR?

A: For this year UPSU will only be including the core committee roles that all clubs and societies are required to have: Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and Safety Officer

Q: My club or society core committee position is different to what it is called in my HEAR, can i change it?

A: For this year UPSU will only be using core committee titles as it is consistent across all clubs and societies, this year we will not be changing the name.

Q: Why isn’t my previous years activities in my HEAR?

A: This is the first year of UPSU being involved in HEAR so for consistency across all our activities we will only be including activities from 2015 and onwards.

Q: Who do I contact if I feel I have done something that isn’t in my HEAR?

A: Please contact hear@upsu.com and we will be able to explore it.

Q: I think I should get a HEAR, why haven’t I?

A: HEARs are available to students studying on most undergraduate and post-graduate taught courses at Plymouth. Post-graduate research students and some students on short courses are not eligible for a HEAR. Please email hear@plymouth.ac.uk if you have a question about being included in the HEAR Currently, students studying at the Plymouth University Peninsula Schools of Medicine and Dentistry as well as those studying at partner colleges are not be eligible for a HEAR. However, work is underway to make HEARs available for these students and they will be contacted via email when this is ready to launch

Q: Who do I contact if I want to ask the SU about my HEAR?

A: Please email hear@upsu.com and we will be able to help.

You have until Saturday 27th May (12pm) to check your UPSU HEAR data and that you are happy to have it included in your HEAR report.

Your SU activities to be included in HEAR

Find below the HEAR verifiable activities that you have done with the SU that will be shared with Plymouth University to be in your HEAR report. :

IMPORTANT: Please untick the activities you do not wish to be included in your HEAR report.