Ukulele Give it a Go

Ukulele Give it a Go

Wednesday 06 March 2019
7pm - 8pm Rolle 018

The Ukulele Society is holding a Give it a Go session on the first Wednesday of every month. If you’ve ever wanted to pick up an instrument, the Ukulele is a great starter because it’s so easy to learn. Come along to Rolle 018 at 7pm where we’ll teach you some chords and strumming patterns to get you started. And if you like the society and want to keep learning, its only £5 for a whole year of lessons!

Ukuleles are provided alongside everything you’ll need to start learning, and best of all; it’s totally free!!! The lessons usually last an hour and then we have a jam session afterwards where people can shout out songs they’d like to play or videos they’d like to watch and we mess around and eat cake. So come on down on Wednesday for a great evening!

Give it a go sessions, Rolle 018, 7pm until 8pm, free and open to all. 

30th January. 

6th February.

6th March.

3rd April. 


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