Candidate for the position of VP Sport

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Verity Lemm

1. Raise awareness of success and participation. 
Raise awareness of sport across campus, increase participation levels and help students discover alternative sporting routes. Highlight successes within sports clubs. Look into creating a sports section on the University of Plymouth mobile app. 
2. Help committees work more effectively and efficiently.
Provide player well-being advocates continuous support and training throughout the year and develop a support network across clubs. Have social media training for clubs to utilise social media to its full positive potential. 
3. Developing the community between clubs.
Continue Ben Morris’ work- ‘Making Wednesdays All About Sport’. Have a ‘Performance Team of the Week’ and a ‘Community Team of the Week’. Team teas: Make it easier to request dietary requirements, continue live scores and display POM to celebrate these individuals. 
4. Further the work of ‘barriers to participation’.
Further the investigations into ‘Barriers To Participation’ by meeting with student groups. Work with student groups surrounding the benefits of sport, health and mental well-being.
5. Raise awareness of participation to Faculties.
Work with Faculties to identify and celebrate students playing sport at weekends or on week days. Create a system for students to highlight if they are still being timetabled academic activities on Wednesday afternoons.
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