Welfare Benefits Advice

Housing Benefit:
We are aware that some students starting in 2016 have been incorrectly assessed for their Housing Benefit, we would urge anyone who thinks they may have been effected to contact us so that we can provide you with the information for an appeal. 

Universal Credit: 
We are starting to see students that are either in receipt of this or going to become entitled to it, if you would like more information then please contact us.

Council Tax:
Students on a full time course are exempt from paying Council Tax this includes students who are repeating, so if you have received a Council Tax bill then contact advice.

If someone in your household is in receipt of Council Tax Benefit or Second Adult Rebate then the rules surrounding these benefits are changing.  For more information on these changes come in and see advice.

Child Tax Credits:
There are lots of changes happening to Child Tax Credits at the moment.  At the moment if your income (or joint income) increases by more than £2500 then you must inform HMRC of this change.  Some of your Student Finance counts as income and may affect your claim, particularly if you ar on a nursing or social work degree.  if you are unsure of whether you are receiving the right amount then come in and see us and we can check.

Have you been absent from University because of illness? Are you about to finish University and have not yet got a job? Do you have children and need some extra help over the summer? Please come and talk to us.